We advise parties that have a stake in a pension arrangement. Whatever your situation, FarrSight Solutions will quickly and effectively identify your needs and the most effective way to achieve them.


Our extensive knowledge of pension arrangements enables us to help set policy for new, ongoing and winding-up pension schemes.

If you have a defined benefit scheme an actuary will need to advise on the corporate disclosures under the different accounting standards and may be needed to resolve conflicts with the trustees of the scheme. These conflicts can arise in setting the contributions for the scheme and also during corporate restructuring. Corporate transactions that involve any pension scheme will require specialist advice.

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We provide full services to the trustees of defined contribution or defined benefit pension schemes. We can provide the complete scheme actuary service, strategic investment advice, strategies for managing new, ongoing and winding-up schemes, day-to-day administration and professional trusteeship focussing on what matters to the Trustees.

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If you are having difficulty with a financial matter, we will probably have the knowledge to help. This includes reviews of pension arrangements and the options available to you, policy valuations and mis-selling of insurance products.

We can provide you with comfort about your personal situation and the knowledge to resolve any problems and conflicts that emerge.

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